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The Benefits of Attending a Society for Financial Awareness Workshop

Robert M. Ryerson

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at New Century Planning in Freehold, New Jersey, Robert M. Ryerson helps his clients plan for retirement and take precautions to avoid identity theft. Additionally, Robert M. Ryerson serves as a financial strategist at The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), a nonprofit organization that provides financial education across the United States.

In its commitment to improving Americans’ financial literacy, SOFA maintains a vast online database of articles related to finance and offers in-person workshops around the country. The organization’s content-rich workshops address specific financial topics requested by the hosting organization or company and inspire individuals and companies to take charge of their finances. Provided at no cost to hosting organizations, SOFA workshops are funded by member dues and charitable donations.

SOFA members, whose expertise spans law, realty, insurance, health care, and more, speak from their background and experience. Because hosting organizations can customize the workshop to their own staff’s needs and goals, each workshop is uniquely beneficial to its audience. Common topics include asset allocation, college planning, estate planning, home buying, and investment for women.

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