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Exploring Cuenca’s Historic Center in the Andes

Robert M. Ryerson

Based in New Jersey, Robert M. Ryerson serves the asset management needs of a variety of clients as a Certified Financial Planner. An avid traveler, Robert M. Ryerson enjoys destinations such as the Caribbean and South America, and has a particular interest in the Andean city of Cuenca, which combines scenic and historical charm and has a significant expat community of retirees.

Situated at an elevation of 8,370 feet, Cuenca sits at the confluence of four mountain rivers that eventually flow into the Amazon. The old town El Centro offers well preserved colonial architecture and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The heart of the town is relatively flat and laid out in a grid, which makes it simple to explore.
With a temperate climate of “eternal spring,” Cuenca offers abundant parks and green spaces. The most of famous of these is the well manicured Parque Calderon, which features the city’s major cathedrals and has a diversity of dining options. Street markets are particularly renowned for their floral offerings, with National Geographic ranking the market in the vicinity of Parque Calderon as the top outdoor flower market worldwide. Among the popular offerings are roses and orchids, as well as a variety of exotic plant species.

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